Wednesday, January 7, 2009

lonely seattle.

lazy days

it's so easy to find good friends here, but so hard to find a good relationship.
is it just me, or does seattle have some sort of love-curse on it?

"you can't always get what you want - but you always get what you need."
yeah, alright, rolling stones... i get it.
but that doesn't make me any less lonely, damn it.


Chris said...


cursed? nah..
egos, drama and/or even fear hold a lot of humans hostage it seems...
the evolution of that awareness is to be the ingredient missing.

sheesh.. cheers.

angelina said...

Lauren, you are so hot right now. All these dudes are just like too 6th grade dance-ish and all thinking "naw she wouldn't go out with me". But they all boner over your flickr page ya know>

and then one day you'll look up after falling on your ass and there will be a beautiful boy from an exotic land, and he'll take your hand. Yes, girl. He'll help you stand.
(insert guitar here)

louobedlam said...

you should come to LA. lots of guys in LA.

LAUREN MAX said...

angelina - i love you.

you made my fucking day, week, and whole month.

Christian said...

My New Years resolution is to give up love. So far so good.

ShaunWilliamCallahan said...

i've gone out of my way to be angry with mick jagger on more than one occasion...

for the same damn song..

(with guest appearances by wild horses haha)

EMEKA said...

soo true!