Thursday, November 19, 2009

photo group.

the new high light of my week has been meeting with nine local photographers and friends, and coming up with themes to keep us shooting. it's definitely a good time to start this sort of creative group, seeing as how the seattle winter weather can really get a person down on their creativity. here's what i have shot for our assignments thus far.

week one: night shot

week two: everyone came up with a one-sentence phrase or story-idea, and we put them in to a pile, and each drew a random one... the one i got was "you just found out something that changes your life forever".

it just so happens that my dad passed away a year ago on november 15, so i did a self-portrait in his shirt and pair of socks, with a few more of this clothes strewn around the room. i am also wearing the ring of his that my mom gave me after he passed away from a sudden heart attack. that's him on the wall behind me.