Friday, January 9, 2009


i am reading this book right now that my dear friend kristen lent to me called wonderful tonight by pattie boyd, a model from the 1960's who had the uncanny luck of being married to both george harrison from the beatles, and eric clapton. the song "something" by george was written about her, and the songs "layla" and obviously "wonderful tonight" by eric were also. what a lady!

there's some pretty entertaining stories that she has from that era, and both of these men, too. one of my favorites that i just read about eric clapton was a blurb about how "when the test match was on, he would change into his cricket whites, and if he was planning to watch a film like the godfather, he'd insist on pasta for supper."

i think i want to start taking some advice from mr. clapton and watch a movie like reservoir dogs with my ear chopped off or something. i can probably think of something far less painful that that... but i like where eric was taking this little tradition of his...

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