Saturday, February 14, 2009

valentine's day sucks (a music mix).

"my favorite year" by destroyer
"pocket full of money" by jens lekmen
"every time" by the honey drips
"look after me" by hot chip
"a girl in port" by okkervil river
"heartbeats" by jose gonzalez
"dreams" by fleetwood mac
"girl and the sea" by the presets
"re:stacks" by bon iver
"golden cage" by the whitest boy alive
"island blues" by koop
"tears for affairs" by camera obscura
"angie" by the rolling stones


Hannah said...

My V-Day Punkrock/showtune music video

featuring the largest all-lady Youtube collab ever!

Love Sucks, The Song:

pheed said...
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pheed said...

you need to put this together an post it. It must be done.